Facebook Page Tab - Custom Icon

You can watch the video tutorial here: http://youtube.com/fanBuildrTV


tildee tutorial imageGo to Pages->Page Tabs (https://fanbuildr.com/app/page-tabs) and click the green Create New Tab button in the upper right corner.


tildee tutorial imageEnter the default name you want to use for your tab. This can be changed for each page later if needed.


tildee tutorial imageOnce you click Next, you will get a popup prompt from Facebook requesting your permission to continue. Click Okay and your new tab app will be created on Facebook (If you do not get the prompt, please be sure your popup blocker is disabled for the fanBuildr website).


tildee tutorial imageOnce completed you will seen a green success message in the modal window. You can now close that window and refresh the page to see your new page tab!


tildee tutorial imageAfter the refresh you will see your newly created tab app in the list. Click the View App Settings on FB link which will open your app on Facebook so you can get the App Secret and edit the icons.


tildee tutorial imageFirst, copy the App Secret (highlighted in the screenshot) and paste into the Enter App Secret box on the fanBuildr site, and click the gree Save button.


tildee tutorial imageTo set your custom icons, go back to the Facebook app settings window and hover over the default app icon and click Edit. This will open the icons screen which lets you edit all the images for your app. Scroll down to the Primary Icons section. Click the + box to upload your icon image. Do this for the 16x16 and 75x75. Once done, scrool down and click the blue Save Changes button.


tildee tutorial imageYou can now close the Facebook window. Back on the fanBuildr page, click the blue Sync App Settings link. This will update the icons in fanBuildr to match what you set on Facebook. In the future, if you change the icons or app name on Facebook, just click this same link and we'll pull the latest info!

Refresh the page and you'll see your new custom icon is ready to use :)

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